The Adventurer's Guild

A WAX NFT powered game, built into Discord.

Coming soon to WAX:

Whitepaper is now public!

Check it out!
The whitepaper covers information such as:

  • The Team creating TAG
  • Our partners
  • Game design choices
  • The NFTs
  • Tokenomics
  • Gameplay mechanics (and there's more than a few!)
The whitepaper will constantly be updated with new information as we continue to work towards the early-access and beta releases of The Adventurer's Guild!

Prealpha Access:

TAG is now in prealpha on the WAX testnet. During this period, users who qualify for access can check out the game. We're now at round 2 of access:

  • Round 1: Competition Winners and Timekeepers
  • Round 2: SixPM Origin Coin holders
  • Round 3: TAG promo holders
  • Round 4: TBA

1. Customise your Character

You have complete control over your character's equipment and skills. Want stronger gear? Craft new items or upgrade your existing equipment to improve your stats.

The best part? Using SixPM Software's Dynamic NFTs, you'll be able to view and share your character on your Player Pass NFT.

2. Go on Adventures

Embark on encounters to combat foes and explore dungeons. Whether it be an idle dungeon crawl, or a turn-based 1v1, there will be a variety of encounters available from day 1.

A key aspect of TAG is making sure to use the right equipment and skills for each encounter!
Some enemies will be weaker to different damage types or skill types...

3. Loot Treasure

After an encounter, you'll receive GUILD, and if you're lucky, a chest containing various resources.

These chests can contain anything from crafting materials to rare encounters, and even super powerful skills and gear!

It's up to you to decide if you want to flip them on the marketplace, or try your luck and see what's inside.


It's probably important to mention that we plan to make almost every NFT ever usable in TAG, through open, non-custodial staking.